Our cars have become an indispensable part of our lives. They take us from point A to B safely and also ensure the safety of other road users. As a vehicle owner, you may be wondering do you have to get your car serviced? Although it’s not a UK legal requirement, it is something that you really want to do because there are many, many benefits of having a car service in the UK. These include increased fuel efficiency, better handling, improved braking and a smoother running engine.

When you get a car service, the mechanic will replace essential fluids (such as the oil, plus the oil filter) and also check the condition of other components such as brakes, tyres, suspension, lights, exhaust and others (depending on the service you pick). All these aspects, if they don’t operate optimally, can help slow down your vehicle and lead to longer, more costly damage in the long run. This is why taking your car to a reputable car service centre is something you need to consider doing on a regular basis.

Why is it important to service your car?

New vehicle owners sometimes ask “why should I service my car?”. This is especially the case when the manufacturer provides a warranty on the vehicle. However, regular service plans and maintenance can help you with more costly repairs further down the road. And there are other benefits as well. Let’s explore some of these below.

Improving longevity: One of the very first reasons why you should service your car is because it will improve the vehicle’s longevity. This not only has associated cost-saving aspects, but by improving the car’s longevity, you ensure you’re able to maximise its performance on the roads.

Boost safety: Safety is another crucial factor that results from a car service. As a complex machine that your car is, you will not easily be able to tell or spot when a part no longer functions or is broken. Checking crucial vehicle parts is an important component of a car service and by catching these in time, you ensure that your vehicle is safe for both you and other road users, thus helping to minimise accidents and breakdowns.

Vehicle warranty: Importantly, a car service can help keep the vehicle’s warranty intact. Whether you have a new or a used car, most vehicles have a manufacturer’s warranty that guarantees the vehicle will be operational for a certain period of time, provided that the car is serviced at regular intervals. As a result, a thorough car service can help ensure you maintain the vehicle’s warranty for a longer period of time, thereby extending its longevity as well.

Maximising car value: Say that you intend to sell your car at some point in time. Most buyers will look at the vehicle’s service history to determine whether the asking price is fair or not. A car with no service history will bring the value down by as much as 7% whereas a partial or full service history will increase the car’s value, enabling you to ask for a higher price thereby optimising the sale.

Saves you money: When you perform regular servicing, you can enjoy financial benefits as well. This is because a car service can help  optimise your engine’s performance and efficiency, thus saving you money on fuel. You will also be able to quickly pick up if there are any worn components that may lead to premature failure of the vehicle. You can also save costs based on the need to call a breakdown service or even reach out to your insurers for roadside assistance.

Ensures your tyres are safe: Tyre safety is crucial. With a thorough car service, you can ensure that your tyre tread depth is a minimum of 1.6 mm. The professional mechanics will also check for cracks or cuts that you may have picked up while driving, as well as check the conditions of the sidewall or the presence of foreign objects.

What happens if you don’t service your car on time?

There are multiple negative effects of not servicing your car. By ignoring this crucial car health check, you risk the chance of unknown damage. This can range from regular wear and tear in the normal course of using your vehicle, or a bigger fault with the engine. A comprehensive service by experienced professionals will ensure that any damage that has arisen over the past few months is addressed to help you minimise larger car repair bills and ensure your car is safe on the roads. However, by not maintaining your car’s health, you risk seeing poor fuel efficiency and an overall lower vehicle life span.

How often do you really need to service your car?

There are several types of car services that can be performed on your vehicle and it’s recommended that you speak to a professional as to when and what needs to be repaired. A regular car maintenance should be performed whenever your oil and oil filter need replacing. An interim service should be performed every six months or every 6,000 miles (whichever comes first). However, when it comes to a full service car and what’s included, you’re looking at intervals of every 12 months or every 12,000 miles (whichever comes first). A manufacturer service is the most thorough service type you can choose and it will depend on your vehicle as well as the manufacturer’s service schedule. You need to check the owner’s manual for this.

Wrapping up

Still wondering Is it worth getting a car serviced? We hope that this article has helped you see that the answer is a resounding “yes” and that a regular car service comes with multiple benefits. If you’re wondering what a full car service includes, we offer a detailed discussion here. This is possibly the most comprehensive service type you can give your car (apart from a manufacturer’s service) to ensure its overall health, safety and longevity.

If you’re ready to bring your vehicle in for a car service, whether interim or full, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’re just a call away and ready to ensure your car is in perfect health so that you can continue to enjoy your long drives or simply get from one point to the next without any hassles. Our trusted technicians are highly experienced with many car models and they know exactly what to look out for so that you have full peace of mind regarding your car’s condition.