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Class. Quality. Performance. These are just some of the words that describe the automotive manufacturer Audi’s vehicles. The decades-old German brand has been producing some of the world’s highest-quality vehicles and continues to surprise and impress with new models every year. With its tagline being “Vorsprung durch Technik” or “Advancement through technology” in English, you can be assured of exceptional quality, high standards and amazing precision with your vehicle.

If you are the proud owner of an Audi – whether new or second-hand – you’ll know that it’s only natural to take your car in for regular servicing. Alternatively, if you’ve had a bumper bash on the road, you’ll need proper body repairs to restore the great appearance of your vehicle. This means you need professional and reliable mechanics in Leicester who can help you with this. And that is where The Motor Company comes to the fore.

Audi Diagnostic at The Motor Company Leicester PPS ltd

Our Services:

With our Аudi diagnostics and repair service, you can rest assured of high quality repairs and servicing. Whether you need your oil filters changed, your brake pads replaced or you need body repairs as a result of bumps on the road or an accident, we’ve got you fully covered. Our full-service auto repair shop means that no matter what your Audi vehicle’s needs are, you are in safe and capable hands. Our workshop is fully equipped to handle any Audi model while our team is at your service to ensure the highest quality repair or service work that gives you satisfaction and peace of mind. With excellent workmanship and attention to detail, your Audi repairs or service are just a quick call or an email away.

Аudi services in Leicester for repairs, body work or regular servicing

Our team at The Motor Company is here for you for your Аudi service in Leicester. Apart from a regular service, we can also assist with an Аudi interim service, carry out paint and repair work, gearbox replacement, cambelts, clutches, exhausts, steering, suspension, tyres and welding. With such a comprehensive range of services, your Audi vehicle is in great hands. Having served over 7,500 customers in 2022 alone, we are the chosen auto repair shop for all vehicle owners who are looking for a reliable and quality service, especially Audi owners who want the best for their car through a professional service.

But that’s not all. With us at The Motor Company, you can also have your Аudi MOT (Ministry of Transport) carried out and checked for any potential faults or repair needs. As is natural with every vehicle, it’s vital to ensure regular servicing as well as to ensure your car is roadworthy by passing your MOT with flying colours. With us, having your Audi serviced is a painless and easy process and we can help you with all aspects related to your Audi including:

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Аudi brake pads

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Аudi gearbox replacement

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Аudi body repairs

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Аudi suspension repair and inspection

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Аudi cambelt change

Get in touch with us today for your Аudi service today. We’ve made booking your service simple, easy and hassle-free. All you need to do is give us a call or book your service online. Our friendly and experienced team is ready and on standby, willing to help with every step of the process. From the best quotations to a highly experienced team of specialists, your Audi is in safe hands with us.

A professional Audi garage in Leicester for full reliability and more peace of mind

Car Inspection at The Motor Company Leicester PPS ltd

Owning an Audi is something special. You know that you are driving one of the best vehicles on the market. The Audi brand is synonymous with precision, excellence in technology and high-quality. These are just some of the reasons why Audi owners love their cars. However, from time to time, you’ll need to have your Audi serviced

Alternatively, you may need to have it repaired for various reasons, including a bump on the road or simply a malfunctioning part. These are all natural aspects of being an Audi vehicle owner and that’s why you need a garage that offers a high-quality service that’s carried out by mechanics experienced with Аudi.

Our service centre (servicing Audi as well) is a great option for your professional and reliable service and repairs needs. And with over 45 years of experience in helping Audi and other vehicle owners meet local road regulations and have more peace of mind that their vehicles are in great shape, you will truly be able to enjoy satisfaction guaranteed when you bring your vehicle to our Аudi garage.

Аudi car repairs in Leicester carried out with precision and attention to detail

When you need Аudi car repairs, you know that you also need to find the right specialist with the right experience and skills to give your car a thorough and professional service. With us at The Motor Company, your vehicle is in exceptionally safe and capable hands. Our quality and satisfaction guaranteed as well as our 45+ years of helping vehicle owners drive out of our premises with cars that are safe, roadworthy and in excellent condition means that you can rest assured of a high-quality Audi service or repairs.

As a garage working with Audi, in addition to other vehicle makes, we take great pride in our customers’ satisfaction with our services. This is nowhere better exemplified than through the over 200 “excellent” ratings and reviews our customers have left for us.

If you are looking for quality, satisfaction and more peace of mind with your Audi repair service, get in touch with us today. You can give us a call or book your Аudi service online. Our friendly team is ready to be of assistance and help you organise the right and most suitable time slot for your Аudi car repairs.

Happy Customers

Alex Kowalczuk
Alex Kowalczuk
Excellent customer service. The team were very helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and kept me informed every step of the way. From an RAC recovery they have now gained a customer!
Russ Mayes
Russ Mayes
Car was taken here through RAC very friendly professional staff car was assessed first thing next day work carried out promptly car now runs better than ever will be my go to garage from now on. Had some recent repairs done August 23 very prompt with diagnosis work carried out quickly and to my satisfaction.
Good and quick service
Joan Welsh
Joan Welsh
Good service every time I've been
Charleen Clifford
Charleen Clifford
Great friendly staff.... very helpful in every way ... I highly recommend it to everyone.. Thanks all

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