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What to expect from our brake replacement in Leicester

The condition and power of the brakes in your automobile are of essential importance for your safety on the road. Oftentimes, car owners don’t pay much attention to the brake system of the automobile until something goes wrong. By choosing our professional brake replacement in Leicester, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your automobile is in perfect shape to transport you to any given point and keep you safe along the way. During our routine servicing, qualified and trained experts will inspect in detail the whole brake system. We will examine the following:

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The condition of friction materials

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Condition of hydraulic components to assure the correct operation and that there are no brake fluid leaks

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Brake servo operation

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Condition and wear of brake drums and discs

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Brake pipes and hoses for leaks, corrosion, and overall deterioration

Once our specialists are familiar with the condition of your brake system, we can roll up our sleeves and get to work. We provide a full range of services including brake rotor resurfacing or brake drum turning, brake rotor or drum replacement, brake fluid exchange or flushing, brake line leak repair, brake light diagnosis, and brake pad replacement in Leicester.

How to tell if you need professional services for your brakes in Leicester?

Healthy and properly functioning brakes guarantee safety for your and your passengers. As the automobile is continuously used, brakes are deteriorated and require proper maintenance from a trained professional. For the ordinary person, it may be difficult to determine when it’s time to replace the brake pads, for example. You can tell if you need new brake pads, new brake fluid or other services by observing the sound and pedal response when you hit the brake. You may notice that there is a new sound or a slower pedal response. All of these are signs that it’s time to get your Leicester brakes checked out by an expert.


Worn brake pads often squeak and at some point can even grind. Failing to respond and take action could lead to a nerve-wracking delay in pedal response. On the other hand, warped rotors can lead to the creation of vibrations when using the break.

Look out for any dashboard lights or warning, leaking brake fluid, a different type of brake response, unfamiliar sounds when using the brake, vibrations or shaking, softer or harder brakes, engine stalling, or similar signs. If you’ve noticed some of the mentioned above, you may need a professional service for brake pads in Leicester or another solution. Get in touch with us and let our specialists examine your brake system and guide you in the right direction.


Why choose our brake specialists in Leicester?

Our brake specialists in Leicester are here to help solve any brake-related problems that your automobile may be experiencing. Our team is composed of highly-skilled, trained, and fully qualified automobile experts who are capable of offering quick, reliable, and long-term solutions. We provide some of the most affordable car services in Leicester and enjoy a vast range of loyal customers who trust us for maintaining their automobiles. By choosing us, you can enjoy professionalism, dedication, and attention to every detail. Our brake repairs in Leicester will help keep your car healthy and safe, allowing you to travel without any worries or stress.

Get in touch with our brake specialists in Leicester and sit back and relax while we restore your brake system to its best. Don’t be quick to say goodbye to your car just because your brakes need repair. Let us tackle this challenge and allow you to once again enjoy the full potential of your automobile.

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