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Most car owners have experienced the situation when their vehicle suddenly needs a repair that is more expensive than they can afford. At ​The Motor Company​, we know that some repairs can significantly increase the spendings graph in the family budget. That is why we can offer to our clients the help of ​Payment Assist​.

How does payment assist work?

Payment Assist United KingdonPayment Assist​ is a financial service in which you only pay 25% of the repair bill as a deposit. The other 75% is divided into three equal parts and is paid during the following three months. No fees, no interest​! Here’s an example: you have an unexpected and costly repair that comes at £800. You pay only £200. You pay further £200 per month for three months afterwards.

Many wonder how does payment assist work for small and big repairs. We are happy to share that clients with bills up to £1000 don’t get credit checked. If you require Payment Assist for an amount larger than that, you will be subject to a credit search.

Payment assist & payment assist garages – benefits for you

Allow us to share the main reasons and situations in which you may benefit from ​Payment Assist​:

  • A costly repair that shouldn’t be postponed​. Have you noticed that your car is emitting a strange noise lately? This might be a sign for a relatively small repair which, if ignored and postponed in time, can result in bigger engine damage and a much higher price. To avoid such situations, make sure to visit ​The Motor Company​ for a checkup and an on-time repair.
  • An emergency repair​. People who need their vehicle for their everyday work might find themselves in a position where they can’t afford to have their car or van in a repair shop for a long time. If you need emergency repair but your monthly budget can’t handle it, benefit from Payment Assist & the services of our payment assist garage. This way, you will have your vehicle immediately after the repair is done, you will pay only 25% of the price and the rest – in the following 3 months. ​0% interest​!

If you have any questions about the services of our payment assist garage or whether you can benefit from financial help for your repair, make sure to give our auto repair shop a call.