Professional Vehicle Suspension Repair

There are many components part of the suspension system and through the routine servicing, we check all for damage and wear.

The most likely parts that require attention and possible repair or replacement are as follows:

Suspension Elements

Worn Shock Absorbers

Split or worn rubber brushes

Broken coil springs

Anti-roll bar link or broken “drop link”

What you may notice

“Bouncing ride”, knocking over bumps, unusual roll when cornering.

Knock or clonk when starting and stopping and when going through bumps.

The car might look higher one side. You might hear creaking noises mainly when turning.

If you sense any unusual or new noises that you think have in common with the suspension call us at The Motor Company and we will check it out. Damaged or worn suspension parts can lead to premature tire wear and could affect the safety of your vehicle and the passengers.

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