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We offer car service for vehicle owners in Leicester and the surrounding areas:

Interim services starts from £119.99 +VAT
Full services starts from £240.00+vat
Alex Kowalczuk
Alex Kowalczuk
Excellent customer service. The team were very helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and kept me informed every step of the way. From an RAC recovery they have now gained a customer!
Russ Mayes
Russ Mayes
Car was taken here through RAC very friendly professional staff car was assessed first thing next day work carried out promptly car now runs better than ever will be my go to garage from now on. Had some recent repairs done August 23 very prompt with diagnosis work carried out quickly and to my satisfaction.
Good and quick service
Joan Welsh
Joan Welsh
Good service every time I've been
Charleen Clifford
Charleen Clifford
Great friendly staff.... very helpful in every way ... I highly recommend it to everyone.. Thanks all

Car Service Information

Maintaining the good condition of a vehicle is extremely important for the safety of its passengers. Car service is also vital in order to extend the life of your car and to make each trip a pleasant experience.

The main types of services offered by The Motor Company are:

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Annual oil and filter change – regular oil change keeps the engine in good condition and ensures the proper work of the vehicle on the road.

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Fluid checks – brake fluid, antifreeze, transmission fluid, AC coolant – these are just some of the fluids in your vehicle that need regular checks.

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AC system inspection – checking for leaks and potential loss of coolant is among the main things included in the service. The change of cabin filters (also known as pollen filters) is also necessary to keep the good condition of the AC system.

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Suspension checks – as part of our interim and full checkups, our car service centre will check the components of your car’s suspension.

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Checks of belts, brakes, and other vital elements – squealing belts or brakes can signal the need for replacement. Our mechanics will test the main components and will replace them if needed.

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Full service – most of our clients make no compromise and prefer full service in order for their car to be in perfect condition.

Our Services

Car service in Leicester that you can trust

By visiting our car garages in Leicester you’ll notice that we truly stand out from the rest. We do so by paying special attention to the needs of every client and adapting our service to your demands.

We love cars and are passionate about providing a complete and guaranteed car service in Leicester that will allow you to safely drive your automobile, stay away from fines, and enjoy ultimate comfort and satisfaction. You’ll be greeted by licensed and certified experts who know exactly what to do to quickly help you resolve any problem with your car. Regardless of whether you’re looking for car body repairs in Leicester or you’re looking for help with your next MOT inspection, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that an experienced partner is by your side.

Take advantage of one of the most affordable prices yet enjoy outstanding and uncompromised quality. You can rely on us for a full service or ask for specific support with a problem with your vehicle or car damage as a result of an accident.

We strive to keep our car service in Leicester as accessible and convenient as possible for all of our clients. This is why we work with flexible working hours and do our best to be there for you as soon as you need us. There’s no need to wait for weeks before you can receive the service that you deserve. We’re here to make things happen for you today.

Car Service at the Motor Company PPS ltd Leicester

A Car Garage in Leicester for All Your Vehicle Needs

From dent removal to full-scale car repair, the specialists at The Motor Company can handle all your vehicle’s needs. This way, both passenger’s safety and the pleasure of driving are guaranteed.

Here are some of the reasons why we are one of the preferred car garages in Leicester:

Professional equipment – a car garage is only as good as its mechanics and tools. As we aim to provide nothing less than excellent work for our clients in Leicester, we have experienced specialists and top-notch equipment.

All services in one place – change the tyres, change the oil and filters, check the suspension – these are just some of the procedures that come with having a car. We understand how time-consuming they can be and we are here to help. The Motor Company offers a wide range of car repair services. This means that you won’t have to search for different garages because we will handle every repair or maintenance job your car needs.

Affordable & outstanding car servicing in Leicester

Take advantage of car servicing in Leicester conducted by some of the brightest and most experienced specialists in the area. We leave nothing to chance and carefully plan our execution, regardless of the selected service. Our strict organization process allows us to quickly react and provide outstanding results for a short period of time, meaning that you can have your car repaired and back on the road in an instant.

We have diversified our car repair in Leicester to include some of the most attractive, popular, and essential services to vehicle owners. Some of the key services that we provide include car paint and repair, MOT testing, oil and filter replacement, AC system inspections, and more. We can also take care of car scratch repair in Leicester and ensure that your automobile looks as good as new, even if it has been through a minor or major accident.

In order to provide one of the best services in the area, we constantly invest in industry-grade, innovative, and sophisticated technology and equipment. Our staff undergo regular training and development, giving us the opportunity to implement and offer some of the most modern and leading car repair methods and services available on the market. We are local car repair experts with a global mindset.

Get in touch with us to receive more information or request a free quote online. Reserve your spot and leave your vehicle in the hands of the experts. Our result-proven approach will provide the quality that you’re after.

Interim Service

This interim service/ check up is designed as a low cost service for both high mileage car users who want an interim service between annual full services and the very low mileage users who wants annual servicing but do not need a full service. Included are an oil and filter change and a wide range of checks on the fundamental items.

Full Service

The full service covers all the same tests in the interim service and in addition, there are few more points of interest. Usually includes top-ups of the antifreeze and brake fluid, more brake tests, inspection of the engine, wheel bearings and shock absorbers. Replacement of pollen filters/inspection of the air conditioning system is normally included too.

Brands we servе:

Helpful Car Service Articles

Usually, servicing a vehicle takes between 3 and 5 hours. The time depends mostly on the condition of the car as well as the checklist the car repair shop uses.

In fact, an annual car service includes a whole host of checks to make sure you’re safe on the road! For example, they’ll test your brakes and suspension as well as inspect for any signs of damage or wear from accidents or other mishaps.

In this blog article we will take a look at what are the different types of car service and what dervice would you need for your car?

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Car Services:

What are the different types of car services?

If you don’t know the different types of car service, here’s a quick explanation. You have three options: an interim, full or major service. They all examine various aspects of your car and its operation thoroughly. Each one has unique requirements and provides distinct levels of care for your vehicle. Here is a concise overview of each type of service.

What is the difference between an interim service and a full service?

An interim service is a basic service that covers 28 checks. A full service, on the other hand, is a much more comprehensive, including 22 more checks of your vehicle that covers everything in an interim service, as well as additional items.

Which type of service should I choose?

When it comes to car service, there are two main options: interim and full. Interim car service is typically recommended every 6 months or 6,000 miles, whichever comes first. Full car service is typically recommended every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. However, these recommendations can vary depending on your specific car model and make. It’s always best to consult your car’s owner’s manual or dealership for the most accurate service interval recommendations. If you’re still unsure, our mechanics can help advise you on which service is right for your vehicle.

Is a car service the same as an MOT?

No, a car service is not the same as an MOT. A car service is a routine maintenance checkup that is performed on a vehicle to ensure that it is running properly and safely. An MOT, on the other hand, is a mandatory annual safety inspection that all vehicles in the UK must undergo.

How Often Should I Take My Car In For Servicing?

It is important to have your car serviced regularly to keep it in good condition and running smoothly. However, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how often you should take your car in for servicing. Depending on the make and model of your car, as well as your driving habits, you may need to take your car in for servicing more or less often.

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