Road safety is crucial for anyone using the UK road network. And with this come responsibilities for drivers of different types of vehicles to undertake an MOT test. This compulsory test is carried out each year for all vehicless that are more than three years old from time of registration. Alternatively, vehicles that are over 40 years old and that have not been changed for 30 years – in other words, something akin to collector’s items – are also not subject to an MOT. But what is an MOT test actually and where can you get it done? Let’s take a look below.

So what is an МОТ test?

The acronym MOT stands for Ministry of Transport (MOT). This is the main UK regulator for all transportation-related aspects. The MOT deals with vehicles, maritime and shipping, air, train and other transportation types. So, what is an МОТ test? Essentially, an МОТ test meaning encompasses a broad range of vehicle checks to ensure that the car is roadworthy and safe to drive – both for the driver and their passengers as well as for other drivers on the road. This test is performed once every 12 months. One exception to this is vehicles that have been newly registered and are not three years old. After they reach this age, they will be required to undergo MOT testing each year to ensure they are roadworthy, too.

An MOT test usually focuses on several different aspects. These range from environmental emissions to road safety standards. MOT tests are usually performed at MOT testing centres by qualified and trained professionals. Depending on the condition of the vehicle, such a test may take anything from 45 to 60 minutes, although if there are faults with the vehicle, this could take longer.

МОТ centres will usually perform vehicle checks that relate to some of the following items that comprise the vehicle safety checklist: the body, vehicle structure, towbars, fuel system, exhaust emissions and exhaust system, seatbelts and seats, doors and mirrors, load security, brakes, tyres and wheels, registration plates, lights, bonnet, wipers and washers, windscreen, horn, steering and suspension, VIN or vehicle identification number, and electrical issues.

Furthermore, when considering what is an MOT test, a professional MOT tester will also look at whether there are any minor, major or dangerous faults with the vehicle. Driving with the latter two faults can result in fines of around £2,500, being banned from driving and having three points on your licence.

To ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy at all times, if an MOT tester indicates that your vehicle has major or dangerous faults, you can opt to leave the vehicle at the test centre for repairs where your vehicle will undergo a second partial test within 10 days of the first test. If you choose The Motor Company in Leicester for this, the retest will be free. Alternatively, you can opt to take your vehicle to another repairs facility and if you return it to the test centre within 10 working days, the second MOT test will be free of charge as well.

МОТ testing in Leicester

In terms of legal requirements, you are not permitted to drive your vehicle if your MOT test has expired. The only exception to this is if you are driving your vehicle on your way to a MOT testing centre. For МОТ testing in Leicester, you can make your booking by getting in touch with The Motor Company. This is an МОТ garage in Leicester that will perform comprehensive checks on your vehicle to ensure that it is roadworthy and safe to drive.

There are, however, some common pitfalls that drivers fail to address prior to the MOT test, resulting in the failure to get a roadworthy MOT. In fact, it’s estimated that nearly two out of every five vehicles tend to fail the MOT test the first time. This is usually due to preventable reasons that drivers could have addressed prior to bringing their vehicle for a МОТ check.

Some examples of possible reasons why a MOT can be failed include the fact that the screen wash has not be topped up; if the car is dirty or full of clutter; there are problems with the registration plates; there are stickers on the windscreen which block the driver’s view; or there are lit-up warning lights on the dashboard, possibly signalling a more pressing problem with the vehicle. The latter problem area should ideally be addressed prior to taking a vehicle for a MOT test in Leicester, or any other city in the UK.

If you’re ready to take your vehicle for an MOT test, you will also probably be wondering how much it might cost you. There are maximum fee caps on such tests and although every test centre will charge different amounts, in general, the current fee is a maximum of £54.85 for a passenger car with up to eight seats and £57.30 for vehicles with a higher seat number.

МОТ testing is a crucial aspect of ensuring that your vehicle is safe to use on the roads – both for you and other drivers involved. It’s therefore necessary to undertake this test each year. You might book your test about a month prior to the MOT certificate’s expiration date, to ensure you are legally compliant and roadworthy.

Closing remarks

An MOT test is a necessary aspect that helps ensure that no unroadworthy vehicles are being driven on public roads, thereby leading to the creation of dangerous situations. Road safety is a serious concern and the Ministry of Transport or MOT test is a legal obligation for nearly all vehicle owners. To ensure that your vehicle is thoroughly and professionally checked, get in touch with The Motor Company where you can have an MOT test and car service undertaken in Leicester carried out by trained experts who you can rely on.