How often does a car need service? With our years of experience in the field of car repair and maintenance, we can safely say … it depends. However, what you get from a quality car service proves to be useful in many ways. Buyer’s expectations are always increasing and a proper car service book will raise the price of your vehicle on the second-hand market.

Additionally, car repair and maintenance will not only extend the life of your ride but also prevent you from unwanted mechanical problems. Let’s face it, our car is an important part of our life and the least we want is an unexpected breakdown that could have been easily prevented with a regular car service.

How often does a car need a service?

Normally, newer models will calculate the use of your car, usually by mileage, and will present you with a message on the dashboard when it is time to visit a service centre or if something in your vehicle needs more attention. What about older models? Regular service is essential with older cars as well. It is best to consult your owner’s manual. Keep in mind that often the instruction comes with variations: for normal and adverse operating conditions. Serious owners often tend to change the oil of their cars more than needed. Furthermore, newer engine oils last longer so it is best to consult the nearest quality car service provider for tips on how to schedule your maintenance based on your driving, oil type, and engine. “12-12” is a rule of thumb when it comes to maintenance. It means that every 12 months or 12 000 miles (whichever comes first) you should opt for а full quality service on your car.

What should you consider when choosing a car service center?

Why burden yourself with remembering things like last oil change, last brake pads change, the right type of filters for your vehicle? After all, your car should make your life easier, right? When we consider everything in the vehicle that needs regular replacement, a DIY service becomes a real burden. Luckily, The Motor Company is the right car service center to help you keep your service book flawless. Quality car service doesn’t have to be expensive. Even more, proper repair and maintenance mean less fuel consumption. You can further capitalize on the proper care towards your vehicle. Researchers point out that excellent car service books can help you sell your car a 26% higher price than others on the market.

Why should you service your car regularly?

You need car service not only to ensure your vehicle is safe for you and your family. With repair and maintenance, you will increase the lifespan of your vehicle. In the case of an accident, a car service book with regular visits to an approved service centre will require insurance companies to pay you more. The same goes for warranties, where a proper service history will oblige the producer to cover your expenses in the event of an unexpected issue.

Car repair and maintenance usually go hand in hand, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Don’t wait for a problem to occur to visit a service center. Instead, opt-in for regular maintenance at The Motor Company not only to fill the car service book but to assure that you don’t have to pay more for repairs in the future. Many issues just need regular attention at the service centre to be prevented. Our procedures will even decrease the harmful exhaust fumes from your ride. Failing to do so may cause real hassle during an MOT test. So, visit our service center if you want to reap the most out of your car. But also keep in mind that your friends may get envious on how your ride is always in top condition while their vehicles make regular trips to the garage.

You can schedule your visit at The Motor Company either by giving us a call at 0116 287 0792 or via the online booking form on our website. Don’t wait on the queue, schedule your car service or repair in our auto shop and come at the arranged time.