High-quality tyres and professional fitting service might improve your and your passengers’ safety and even lengthen the life of your car. No matter if you are planning to change just one or all four tyres of your car, it is normal to ask yourself what is the reasonable price for tyre fitting these days. Well, unfortunately, our answer is: it depends on a couple of factors…


It is a fact that the prices for tyre fitting changed a lot in the past few years. Those changes are mostly because of all new regulations and rules regarding road safety. The mechanism of your tyres itself might also be of decisive importance, as mounting and balancing of tyres that are made in 2006, for example, are not as complicates as the ones of fancy tyres made in 2018. There is also a trend in the size that might be noticed lately – the bigger rims the better. However changing those type of tyres is a lot more time-consuming than the regular ones, which also raises the cost of their fitting.


So long story short there are a few factors that you should have in mind when trying to calculate an estimate for the tyre fitting of your car:

  • Size and Quality of the tyres and rimsTyre Fitting - The Motor Company Leicester PPS ltd
  • Technology of changing
  • The approximate time needed for the fitting
  • Types of procedures that need to be made( e.g. mounting and balancing, valves change, alignment and old tyres disposal

Of course, if you make a good and deep research, or at least if you try to be up to date with the latest tyre deals, you can easily find garages that provide high-quality service on competitive prices (not trying to show off, but The Motor Company PPS ltd is such a garage).


How to find tyre fitters near Leicester?


Well, if you just type in on Google “tyre fitters near me” or “tyre fitting near me” you will obviously get a range of different results (one of them should be us – The Motor Company PPS ltd.). Basically, almost every garage should be able to help you change the tyres of your vehicle. However, it is always a good idea to make a bit deeper research in order to get the best service possible. You can also always look for recommendations on the Internet or just ask around your friends and colleagues about their experience with tyre fitting. When choosing a garage, you should always ask them for more information about the services they provide – a good and reliable garage will be more than happy to answer your questions.


How to find a tyre repair service garages near Leicester?


When it comes to tyre repair, you should definitely insist on a good and reliable service. As some tyre fitters work closely with certain tyre shops, you should always choose carefully who to trust. After all, sometimes there is no need of changing all your tyres at once if they can be repaired for just a half of the price or even less.

The best and easiest way to choose the right option is by calling us at 0116 287 0792!