Scheduling interim car service every 6 months (or 6,000 miles) and full-scale car service every 12 months (or 12,000 miles) is of utmost importance for your vehicle. This will ensure that your car serves you properly and you are as safe behind the wheel as possible. In case you want to know the duration of car servicing and what it includes, the specialists at The Motor Company took their time to prepare the following post.

How long does it take to service a car?

Usually, servicing a vehicle takes between 3 and 5 hours. The time depends mostly on the condition of the car as well as the checklist the car repair shop uses. Allow us to share some of the main components in the checklist used by The Motor Company. This will help you understand what is included in the car service and repair.

  • Filters – the mechanic will change the oil and air filter. He will also check the cabin and fuel filters and will decide whether they should be changed depending on their condition;
  • Engine – regular oil change is mandatory for the good performance of your engine. During the service, the expert also checks for oil excessive leaks. The condition of all belts is also checked as well as the cooling system;
  • Brakes & drive system – a mechanic will check whether the brake pads or other components are due for a replacement. In addition, the correct operation of the clutch and the gearbox will be inspected;
  • Car steering & suspension – components need to be regularly checked for wear, damage or corrosion. Any strange noises will be taken into consideration and a member of our team will determine whether a more complex repair is needed. The proper work of the exhaust system is also checked – catalyst, DPF, smoke;
  • Car lighting and visual components – the proper work of all lights is important for safe performance on the road. The experts of The Motor Company will also check the windows and all car body parts during the car service time;
  • Tyres and wheels – as the tyres are the connection between the vehicle and the road, their condition should be perfect. A professional will check not only the tyre pressure but also the grip and the condition of the wheels.

If you’re doing regular servicing of your vehicle the duration should be about 3-4 hours and you’ll be able to take your car the same day. If you wonder how long does it take to service a car that hasn’t been maintained properly – the answer is that it depends. Sometimes, there are a lot of components that need to be changed and in different systems too. This means that it can take a full day or even more if major repairs should be performed. If that is the case with you, keep in mind that you can benefit from Payment Assist option at our garage.

Cost of car service – interim and full-scale

At The Motor Company, we have two options for car service – basic & full. The basic one starts from £79,99 + VAT. The final price depends on the condition of the vehicle. Full car service price is £195 + VAT. It is performed on a strict checklist in order to ensure that all systems of the vehicle are checked and you are safe to drive. Keep in mind though that during the service, the mechanic will inspect major components of your car and can find that some of them should be replaced or repaired. For example, if we notice that the clutch or the timing belt need to be replaced, the cost of the car service can be much bigger. So, we will consult you about the optimal way to handle the situation and we’ll calculate the final cost.

Make sure to visit our local car repair shop for regular basic car service and full car service. This way, the mechanics at The Motor Company will be able to maintain your vehicle in premium condition all the time. Skipping can service can not only lead to costly repairs and damage to your car, but it can also mean that your vehicle is dangerous and in no driving condition. Schedule an appointment for basic car service and repair or full car service via our contact form or at 0116 287 0792 today!

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