The law says that cars must undergo an MOT test every year.

The purpose of the MOT is to make sure your car meets safety requirements and is safe for driving. The best way to find out when your next MOT will expire is by using the DVLA website which you can visit here or by filling out your plate number on the MOT checker field on our homepage. If you’re looking for more information about what the tests involve, ring us out, we’ll be happy to help.

Once you know how long it’ll be until your MOT expires, why not book an appointment at a local garage so they can do it while they service your car? It’s always best to get things done in one go!

When do I need a МОТ?

MOT is an acronym for the UK’s Ministry of Transport, which is responsible for regulating road safety. MOT stands for “Motor Overall Test”, with the T standing for “Test”.

It is necessary to have a MOT every year on your car before it can be driven on the UK roads. If you’re looking for a way to stay organized and on top of your upcoming appointments, then there are plenty of apps that will remind you when it’s time.

How long is MOT valid?

MOTs are valid for 12 months after the test was carried out.

If you find out that your MOT is due, you can book your slot at local MOT centres like The Motor Company by phone to avoid any last moment stress.

By checking the MOT status of a car, you can avoid being fined for driving a vehicle that will fail an MOT test. Some might be tempted to wait until the MOT is due and then take their vehicle in for a test, but this isn’t advisable as it could mean your car fails on some minor fault that could have been corrected with a bit of courtesy beforehand.

How to pass a MOT?

To pass the MOT there are three sections you need to pass. These sections are Safety, Unfair Ply-Compeition, and Vehicle Construction. The safety section is the easiest one to pass as it gives 100 points for having insurance alone. Even though this section is easy to pass it still amounts to 50% of the total score.

The next two sections are harder and can be passed if you fix any minor faults before scheduling your MOT test. Unfair ply-competition: this section covers items such as lights and indicators and can be easily re-done for a higher score by just checking those lights again. The 3rd section is vehicle construction which includes steering wheels or steering columns that might need fixing or taking into consideration, tyres and many others.

Where to get MOT?

MOTs can be obtained through MOT centres and garages. You can do so directly at the centre the day before your MOT is due. MOTs cost between £30 and £60 on average and even though it might seem like a lot for what is essentially a safety test, the benefits outweigh the costs: not only will your car be safer after an MOT, it will also last longer.

In conclusion

MOTs are a safety test that all cars should pass to ensure the driver and other drivers on the road can be safe. MOT tests will vary in cost, but it’s important for your car to have an up-to-date MOT before you drive it anywhere. If you’re struggling with finding out when your next MOT is due or need help getting through one (especially if you live in or near Leicester), then contact a call! We offer competitive prices, as well as free quotes so, don’t hesitate to reach out today!