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Has your car recently suffered a hit and in need of dent removal or scratch repair? Or maybe you wish to fix any exterior damage of your vehicle in order to increase its market value and sell it for a better price? Whatever the case, The Motor Company is the reliable car body shop in Leicester you can count on.

Here are some of the reasons why others have trusted us with a variety of painting and dent repair services:

  • Professional painting equipment – we’ve always considered the final results of our work to be the most important thing. This is the reason why The Motor Company uses tools and equipment by some of the world-renowned brands. This helps us offer nothing less than impeccable results with every re-painting and repair job.
  • Experienced technicians – having professional equipment and accessories won’t mean anything if you don’t know how to use them. That is why we are happy to say that the team at our car shop has performed a variety of painting jobs and car body repairs in Leicester and will handle your vehicle with the care it deserves.
  • Additional services – nowadays, nobody has the time to search for technicians that specialise in different car repairs. The Motor Company can handle almost everything that your car needs – from engine repairs and oil change to tyre fitting, MOT tests, and car body repairs. In Leicester, we are the one-stop-shop for any vehicle!
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Car Detailing at The Motor Company Leicester PPS ltd

How the car body repair service is performed – from inspection to car detailing

Step 1 – inspection. First of all, we need to assess the situation. Is painting work needed, how deep is the dent, what techniques should be used to fix the damage – these questions need to be answered at this stage. After we know what is needed, we’ll schedule an appointment for the repair.

Step 2 – dent removal & scratch repair. First of all, the dent needs to be handled with by pushing the back of the car part to its original form. If the dent is located somewhere with limited access, the so-called glue pulling is used. A technician uses hot glue to pull the metal to its default place. This is a good option for all types of dents as it doesn’t damage the paint. If there are scratches or any damage to the painting, they need to be fixed before the re-painting is done.

Step 3 – paint job. After all car body parts are repaired, it’s time to return them to their original colour. In most cases, this is done in special spray booths. There, the auto body parts that need re-painting are being sprayed with the right colour and type of paint. After a short time, the paint dries and your car looks as good as new.

Step 4 – detailing. In order to protect the body parts of your vehicle for longer, we recommend benefiting from our car detailing service in Leicester. It can be done both for the exterior and the interior of your vehicle. Car detailing can include a variety of products that add additional protective layers for the interior and the body parts of your car.

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Other Services

Alloy wheel refurbishment in Leicester for a perfect car exterior

The alloy wheels are the symbolic “shoes” of any car. If they are old, damaged and don’t look well, they can completely ruin the whole look of the vehicle. That is why, in order to keep the vehicle exteriors of our clients to the highest standards, we offer alloy wheel refurbishment service in Leicester. Types of services we offer:

  • Powder coating – with its help, the wheels of your car will not only look as good as new, but their colour can also be changed. The process includes removing the old layers of paint as well as any damage to the wheels. After that, the new paint is applied and baked in a special oven.
  • Diamond cutting – in order to achieve the best possible lines in alloy wheels, a diamond cutting technology needs to be used. Nowadays, most new cars and expensive wheels are diamond cut. With this technology, the cuts can be as small as 0.01 millimetre.
  • Alloy wheel customisation – many of our clients want their cars to be unique. To achieve that, we offer not only alloy wheel refurbishment but also customisation. It can be different – custom colours, forms, and more.

No matter the type of service you require, The Motor Company is the right option for you. From dent repair, through re-paint, all the way to alloy wheel refurbishment – our team of technicians will make sure that your car’s exterior and interior are flawless! Book your appointment on 0116 287 0792 or visit us at Golf Course Ln, Leicester LE3 1UY for a free quote!

Happy Customers

Lucy Cruickshanks
Lucy Cruickshanks
The most AMAZING service.we were well and truly stranded en route to a ferry.the service given to us by Pete and his staff was over and above anything we have experienced in 50 years of driving.They made sure we made it in time to catch the ferry,how Is still a mystery!!And a special mention to the lovely Donna who seems to play a huge part in coordinating this well oiled machine,as well as supplying us with lashings of tea!!!.Cannot praise this company enough and only sorry we live too far away to use them as our local garage.....well done all and thanks so much.
Scott Adam
Scott Adam
RAC picked up the motor and took it here, they were more than helpful, honest service, first time used and wont be the las, top garage
Neil Golightly
Neil Golightly
Fantastic service friendly staff
Christopher Rawnsley
Christopher Rawnsley
Honest reliable, and they do repairs at a fair price .
Jules Nelson
Jules Nelson
My Van is now a regular vister, MOTs, Service, & Standalone repairs. Local easy access.
Donna Smith
Donna Smith
Excellent service, friendly staff

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